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Musings and sketches to inspire. Changing the world one pixel at a time.

The Theme for 2015: creative exploration, collaboration and manifestation

Jess Kirkman

It seems to me that the most common (and cliché) thing to do after New Years Eve is to make some resolutions and then start the path towards breaking them. Usually by February, most resolutions have gone out the window.

This year, I’m not making any resolutions, I’m making a theme. My theme for 2015 is: Creative Exploration, Collaboration and Manifestation. Now at first, when I decided on this, it sort of felt like a copout; I work in a creative field, I do a lot of creative work on the side, and I generally focus on creative topics regularly. But as much as these things play a big part (if not the biggest) in my life, they may actually be hindering me from exploring my creativity and pushing my regular boundaries to see what else I’m capable of. One of the biggest lessons I learned over the last few years is that there is an infinite amount to learn. I might be specialized in certain areas of art and design, but I rarely go out and explore other creative mediums. 

The ‘exploring’ part of my theme means that I will ask questions, try something Ive never done before, take classes, find inspiration in new places and generally reach out beyond my bubble that I’ve been comfortable in.

The ‘collaboration’ part is the most important to me. I am surrounded by extremely talented friends and coworkers who are all willing and excited to create. As we know, it’s usually easier to go the gym with a buddy, so why not use this same idea for creativity? The buddy system works, and I have a lot of buddies who I can creatively play with.

The ‘manifestation’ part of this means that I will not only explore and experiment, but I will create tangible pieces and share them with the world. I want to get out there and paint, garden, read, photograph, draw, design, craft, write and work with my hands.

The other thing I must always try to remember is that there is a difference between work and play, even when you are a 'creative'. This theme is all about playing creatively, not working creatively. So if anyone has an idea or project they want to collaborate on, please reach out to me. This is the year!