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Musings and sketches to inspire. Changing the world one pixel at a time.


Jess Kirkman


Today I decided I'm gonna try my hand at 'blogging'. Im not a writer and will never pretend to be one, but I do have thoughts and insights and ideas to share. It might be in the form of a drawing, quote or video, but I want to start putting more GOOD out in the world. 

Bringing spiritual philosophies into your daily life can be tough. At least where I live, in the NYC area, spirituality can even be a #TREND. You're considered "Crunchy" if you want to help our Mother Earth thrive or "New Age" if you want to help our society love through new ideas and movements. I want to avoid falling into a stereotype, but what I end up doing is...nothing. 

Now, I'm not saying I don't do ANYTHING, but I don't do enough. And the only way to do something, is to start somewhere. So right here is my somewhere. I hope to inspire, help, teach or if anything, just effect someone in a way where the world is filled with a little more love. So as much as it can be hard to change your life, it can also be extremely easy. You just have to start somewhere.