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Musings and sketches to inspire. Changing the world one pixel at a time.

The Winter Solstice / New Moon overlap

Jess Kirkman


Last night was a rare occurrence where the Winter Solstice and the New Moon fell on the same night. The word ‘solstice’ comes from the Latin words sol (sun) and sistere (to stand still) and during this event we experience the longest night of the year. The New Moon is a symbolic point of attention and is a great time to set new intentions and commit to self-growth.

Before this digital age of cell phones, computers, tablets, internet and all the other distractions that bombard us daily, we were less obsessed with instant gratification and instead, more attuned to the natural cycles of the planet.

I find it interesting that these two events overlapped this year. One reminds us to ‘stand still’ like the sun and the other reminds us to 'reflect on new beginnings' like the moon. I invite you to look at 2014 and not only reflect on the changes you’ve made, but see what you’re ready to let go of. Then take a look at 2015 and see what you’re ready to let in.

Here is my exercise for 2014 / 2015:
This was my year of letting go. I went into the 2014 with the intention of letting go of my need to control everything and that is exactly what the Universe gave me.

Things were stolen:
The first night of our trip to Costa Rica, we had our bags stolen out of our room.
My bike got stolen from the subway station near my apartment -  and after that, my new bike seat got ripped off.

Things were lost:
I dropped my wallet somewhere between my apartment and the subway.

Things broke:
After a vacation, we came home to a dead fridge and an apartment smell to match.
 We were hosting my 30th birthday party and Passover seder that same week.

Things went wrong:
After getting a new fridge, the waterline burst and flooded our apartment and the downstairs neighbor’s
 sending us into a whirlwind of insurance company drama.

That’s to name a few, and make a point: I wanted to ‘let go’, and I was provided with multiple opportunities to practice. And you know what? Everything turned out OK. Actually, everything turned out better than OK. It turned out exactly like it was supposed to. I learned (and am still learning) that I can step back and allow things to ‘just be’. And of course, it made me realize that my attention should be on love, community and self-growth, instead of control and material possessions. 

2014 was not just about letting go, but about dreaming big. I lived my first year in our newly owned apartment, I started Manifest Events, I’ve been creating lots of art and design for people, I won the Pixels of Fury design competition, I got promoted to Design Director at work, I started writing, and the list goes on. Im ready to leap into 2015 with more motivation, inspiration and creativity then ever before. Bring it on!

2015: I am ready to connect more with the community I have crafted around me, and expand it even more. This year, I met so many people that have pushed me to new spiritual heights, inspired me creatively, taught me so much about myself and the universe and supported me in my biggest dreams. I am so incredibly fortunate and honored to know people as beautiful as the ones that surround me, and I welcome more and more of like-minded people into my circle. 

Hopefully by doing so, the people that support love will one day be the majority over the people that encourage hate. There is a saying ‘We can only dream’,
but we can do way more than dream. We can share, speak, act, support…
We craft the world we want to live in, and I want to live in a saturated, love-infused world. 

"So shall it be, and even better." Namaste.