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Musings and sketches to inspire. Changing the world one pixel at a time.

Weekly Gratitude: Openness

Jess Kirkman


When contemplating on my gratitude for the week, the first word that came to mind was: Openness. Openness in the sense of “the free expression of one’s true feelings and opinions” (as defined by Merriam-Webster).

Over the last few years I have cultivated a community of people that allow me to express my authentic self. I truly feel that the best way to learn how to be more authentic is to be around more authentic people. It’s hard to put on a ‘front’ when you are surrounded by genuine energy (and why would you wan’t to?)

Not only does the term openness mean that I can be myself around others, but it also means ‘not being closed off to new ideas or theories’. I think this part is just as important as the first. Now, I know its easy to talk about your ‘true self’ when you have found your true self.. but what if you aren’t sure what that means yet? The topic of ‘who am i?’ is for another time, but I do want to say that by being authentic and rippling out that genuine energy, more and more people around you will start to realize their true potential as well. We have to lead by example and craft the world we want to live in. Why not start with the people around you?

Talk about your spiritual ideas and thoughts. Express your theories about the unknown. Find communities that accept and encourage your journey. When you see a spark of interest in someone, follow up with them. By answering questions about your journey, those people will eventually be able to answer questions about their journey to others. And it goes on and on and on. Eventually, by being your authentic self, you will see and feel the ripple effect first hand. And trust me, it’s so rewarding.

This is my attempt to spread a ripple; to start a conversation for just one person. I hope that by expressing and sharing parts of my journey, it will encourage those around me to do the same. And that is how we go step by step into a higher collective consciousness. And for that, I am grateful.